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Where Salt Meets Oil

Nature based & inspired to cleanse, nourish, balance, and heal. No artificial dyes, fragrances or Ingredients ever! Ingredients chosen with care and integrity, never containing parabens, petroleum, or polysorbates. 

*Not intended for human consumption.


Chris Robello

"I Love The Pain Away Roller's scent and quick and convenient to use roller. I toss it into my bag and have it with me for use at a moments notice...easier than a tube of cream and more pleasant!  I usually wake up from my chronic shoulder pain , but the night I rolled it on, I slept on that shoulder and awoke with no pain!"

Steph Satterthwaite

"Everything Amanda makes is amazing but I love the renew bath salts! I use them once a week and they help with sore muscles & make my skin feel so smooth, definitely recommend trying them and any of her bath bombs. Blackberry surprise is my favorite of the bombs!" 

Katie Hunsberger
Co-owner of Elevation Fitness

The Muscle Mender Rub is the only thing that helps my neck pain! 

Caroline Meliones

 Amanda is one of the best teachers I know. In her classes, Amanda is intentional and creative. She pays attention to and brings her wealth of physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge  into her classes. As a new mother, who formerly had strong meditation and yoga practices, Amanda constantly offers support and ideas of ways for me to re-center and re-integrate those practices into my daily life post-baby. She is a down-to-earth, fun-loving human and I hope you get the chance to meet her! and work with her! 

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