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This vapor rub was designed for children to be safe and effective - it contains none of the yucky petroleum or fake ingredients of other chest rubs and is diluted to a safe degree. Carefully selected oils for boys health in mind-Relieves cough, congestion, combats cold + flu, allergy relief, supports lymphatic drainage, and deep rest. Also helps boost immune system with organic Cassia and Lemon essential oils. This is an all around must have for mothers! Mother made, kid approved.
* This rub can be made without coconut oil If child has an allergy.

Children’s Chest Rub & Immunity BoostEr

  •  Cinnamon leaf Oil

     Cedar wood oil 

     Lavender Oil*

     Fir needle

     Lemon oil*

    * Organic


    Coconut Oil*



    This essential oils in the Kids Chest Rub formula are diluted to 2.5% 

    which makes it safe for use on 12 month old children and up. 

    This essential oils in the Baby's Chest Rub formula are diluted to 2% 

    which makes it safe for use on 3-12 month old children.


    Please specify in your order which one you would like.