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Eve's Quest

Welcome to Eve's Quest

A Mothers Search for Bliss & Wellness

Eve. Hawwah. Living. Helper. Mother of all. Divinely made in her creators image. From Earth, her form was made. From espiritu , her breath was given. From formlessness, came man from dust. Breath was breathed into her. She walked naked in her Bliss. She smelt the most purest scents from flowers, ate the most potent herbs, plucked the most sattvic and ripe fruits from their vine,  and harvested the cleanest vegetables that were ever made. The soil was untouched. The air, unpolluted. The water, flowing from an unconditional wellspring in the east.  The Garden of Eden was hers and She had dominion and knowledge of all the plants and animals. She and her partner walked alongside their creator. They were made in Gods image, and they knew they were perfect, and whole. 

What was Eve's quest? Was She born a grown-up thrown with responsibilities? What was she seeking that she didn't already know? What did she want that she didn't already have? What did she pursue? Was she happy? Did she want more? Was she mistaken? Was she depicted in the wrong way when the patriarchs translated the Bible? How could one blame her?

These are answers only God and her Know. 

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