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Hi, I'm Amanda, the creator of Salt & Oil  Wellness. I am a daughter, wife, and mother on a quest for wellness, fun and a good bath! As a Christian I hope to be salt and light. I want my light to shine bright in a dark world, and I want to share all the goodness I can find with others.

I have a deep love and respect for Mother Nature. I believe God created our earth for the sake of our wellness and pure joy! Nature is medicine. I want to share with you my passion and knowledge of holistic healing, safe body products and spiritual wonder!

Self-care has always been a priority of mine, because I realize that when I'm not feeling my best, I don't show up as my best for others. After being a military spouse, having young kids and battling my husbands cancer and chronic pain, I strived for wellness in all forms even more.

I hope to share all that I have learned and experienced with you, and also give you a gift of self-care that in some way "fills you up" or makes you "saltier" so that in return, you can share your love and presence with others!




-IAWP Wellness Coach in Training 2019

-500 Hour Certified Through Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts (Laura Plumb & Bhava Ram)

-200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Studio, La Jolla ( Gerhard Gessner & Others)

-Journey to Rishikesh, India 2013 Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts

-Deep Yoga Mastery of Life Vedic Therapy Training 

-Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts Ayurveda Immersion

-Certified & Insured Yoga Teacher

-CA SB2042 Multi-subject Teaching Credential



All profits proudly support my husband and the SOF VanaVlog Nonprofit.


I strive to support other entrepreneur moms like me who work their butts off to continue their dreams while raising cute little monsters.

Thanks to Barbra Elise @ Outnumbereddesigns for the hand printed logos on cotton muslin bags 

Dagmar Hinds for hand tailoring the bath bomb sachets.



Sarah Miller @ Miller House Coffee for kick starting us off with products and web design.


 Alex Jones for the Logo and marketing tips.

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